Tuesday, December 12

Blogging Tips For The Beginning Blogger

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So you have decided that you would like to start your very own blog. Whether you have decided to start a blog for business purposes, or for personal purposes, the tips below will apply to you either way. Have you ever wondered why some blogs get tons and tons of readers each and everyday, while some blogs get very little and limited readership. There are reasons for this, and the reasons may seem elementary to you once you are done reading this article.

1. Write interesting and informative blog post. Most blog readers are people that either want to be entertained or want new information. Don’t hide your personality in your blog post, your personality will be appreciated by your readers.

2. Write about something that you are interested in. Bloggers who enjoy writing about their interest will stay consistent with updating their blog for often than not. If you are blogging about subjects you could care less about, chances are that you will quit or will simply not blog consistently enough to keep a regular readership audience.

3. Make sure your blog post are long enough. I have seen way to many blog post out there that are only one sentence or two. A blog post this short can not be very informative. It is best to keep your blog post between 200 and 400 words. Blog post that are to long will sometimes intimidate the reader and they will read nothing at all. If you have a lot to say about a certain subject, remember that you can always break it up into lots of smaller post. Another thing to remember is that those little one or two sentence post will not get picked up by the search engines, which is where most bloggers traffic comes from.

4. Do not spam your blog post with all sorts of links everywhere. Your readers will know that you are a spammer and will not want to become a regular reader of your blog. This does not mean that you can not add a few links here and there when it has something to do with the subject, you just do not want to get carried away.

5. Make sure you have an attractive headline for your post. That headline is usually what determines if someone is going to read your blog post or not. It needs to get their interest and draw their attention.

6. Make sure you use proper grammar. There is nothing that is a bigger turn off than a blog that has constant misspellings everywhere. It would be a good idea to do a spell check with a spell check program and proof read your blog post as there are some things that the spell checker won’t catch. for instance if you were supposed to write their, instead of there, the spell checker will not catch that grammatical error.

7. Write a new blog post every single day. By far one of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make is not writing new post every single day. It is understandable that there is only so much time in a day and we can not always do this, but a bloggers goal should be at least one post per day. There are bloggers out there who consistently write three new blog post or more per day, but if you can do one per day you are doing a great job. If worst comes to worst, you do not want do go over a week without a new blog post.

All in all, blogging is something that is great to do for people who love to write. Besides the love of blogging, many bloggers earn extra money through pay per click programs and affiliate programs. The financial rewards that a blogger can obtain can be very rewarding. Before you get excited and start counting your pennies, you must follow some of the simple rules to be a successful blogger. You will need to obtain loyal readership to your blog but before you do that you must write, write, and write some more.


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