Monday, December 18

Why I Love my Cup of Tea

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                    Did you know that 85% of our body structure is composed of liquids? This is the reason why we need water and all other beverages that we could find and drink  rather than to eat  solid food.

                    This is the reason why I love my cup of tea everyday. It is my energy booster in the morning and my shield for early aging. Want to know more of the health benefits that a tea contains?

Here are some of the health benefits that a cup of tea can give you everyday.

  • Just like what they say about coffee, tea also contains anti oxidants that helps to slow down the aging process. So if your worried about those age spots and wrinkles have a cup now.

  • Recent studies show that green tea has anti oxidants that fights bacteria that causes allergy

  • Green tea helps to control inflammation caused by injury and diseases like arthritis.

  • Tea can also lower bad cholesterol level.

  • Tea lowers the risk of heart diseases because it prevents blood from forming clots.

  • A great way to loss weight rather than a diet.

  • Tea is one of the best cancer fighters in the market today.

                       Now that you know the benefits it gives to us. Why don’t you have a cup right now. Enjoy!


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