Winter’s Lull

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Winter’s Lull

Such cold silence overwhelms

This anemic canvas

I have never experienced

Such an utter lack of sound

And how glorious it is!

Nothing penetrates this

Delicate white cover

Time stands still in this

Vacuity of winter’s seduction

Even the brisk still air

Offers a temporary guard

These white clouds fall

It seems nothing can shift

This pillowy wonderland

Nothing exists here

Except reticence, lull, and peace

Copyright 2009 Maranda Camden

This is a poem I recently wrote about falling snow.  It is about something so simple, but it has grown into it’s own emotion and holds a warm place in my heart.  Something that is almost nothing creates such visions and simple understanding.  I hope it brings you a warm memory.  Write for yourself, write for you lover, write for whatever moves you!!!


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