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How to Live Longer If You Are Hiv Infector?

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If you are infected, it’s not mean that your life is over. You just have new challenge and you have to face it everyday. But there are a lot of people you are infected but they can live twenty years or event thirty years more.

So what did they do to live longer with HIV?

1. Keep your spirit up!

There are so many other diseases and sicknesses can kill you event faster than HIV. And if you will not be killed by HIV, you may die for several reason such as traffic accident, heart stroke, working accident and so on. And if you still survive throught these reasons, you will die when you get older.

So stop your negative thinking now! It will kill you sooner than HIV can. Some HIV infector have been met some nervous problem because of stress.

Try to keep your life of happiness and joy. Avoid the negative thinking and I you can not, try to focus on another activites such as your work, your interest, your family activity, have a pet…

The most effective way to avoid negative thinking is don’t let you alone. Always be with some one you love.

You could write out a plan for your twenty – years – life. It will help you a lot.

2. Try to avoid bad behaviors.

Stop smoking! I recomment this bad behavior. You can drink ancohol a little but try to controll yourself, drinking too much does not help you solve your problem, it just kill you faster. If you have some sex relationships, do safe sex or you will be superinfected.

3. Eating behavior.

Try to eat as much as you could, the disease will steal your energy so fast.

Some doctors recomment that you need to avoid fast food and eat more vegetable.

4. Do exercise.

This advise is good for everyone and especially good for HIV infectors.

5. Medical schedule.

Follow your drug schedule strictly. You have to have drug on time!

6. Gain more information.

The more information you have, the longer your life with HIV.

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