Monday, December 18

How Do You Measure Success?

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Do you measure it with all your accomplishments? The certificates hanging on your wall? Your display of trophies and medals? The money you have earned? I often wonder…

* For me I measure my success with the feeling of fulfillment. Knowing all the hard work and the sacrifices I made and then achieving what I have aimed for is just the best feeling. 

* Success is waking up and feeling at one with my environment! Even when aches and pains accompany my smile, I am always happy. 

* To me, success is measured by how much you accomplish. Not by other people’s standards but by your goals, if you accomplish your goals your successful.

* By how balanced your life is. If you can pay all your bills and still save enough money.

* For me, it would be to have enough time for my hobbies and other stuff I want to do.

* For me success is if  I can support myself and my family.

* Success for me are ladders in my life, each and every one of those goal in my journey, every finished step is a success, but without a smile not just if my face but in my heart,  I cannot call it a success.

* I measure success by helping others out. The smile on their faces and the gratification they get from someone doing something nice for them.

* Success comes from self-acceptance.

Perhaps when we learn to appreciate the acknowledgements of others, we can value our small successes more readily. If you are happy with what you have achieved, I think that is the best measure of success. 🙂


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