Friday, December 15

When Do You Get In Trouble?

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1. I often get in trouble when dealing with rude people. Because I always speak my mind. Like if somebody cut my line I will tell that person. I remember one time it happened, actually he didn’t cut in front of me but like 2 people ahead of me and I told him to fall in line.

2. I always get into trouble when facing a beggar. I don’t know what to do because they’re always very stubborn and they even follow you around.

3. I always get in trouble when I tease someone. I really enjoy teasing people. 

4. I used to lose control of myself when I was really drunk. I don’t even remember things I did back then. 

5. Trouble may occur if there are conflicts and no one wants to back down.

6. I usually get into trouble with my parents because they always force me to do things. They’re always behind me. 

7. Its my temper that gets the best of me and lands me into a lot of trouble. I can’t think straight when I am really, really angry.

8. I get into trouble when I make new friends because my wife is very possessive about me. When ever I make a new friend my wife will ask me 100 questions. If it is a girl she will ask me, why are you talking to that girl? If it’s a guy she will ask are u planning to go out for drink with him?

9. I usually get trouble from bad guys, I mean for those guys who keeps bullying me and my friend.

10. I always get into trouble when I’m surrounded by males. I have this fatal attraction to trouble.

11. Sometimes I find myself expressing my opinion when it is not wanted or needed. This tends to get me into trouble every time. 

Different situation for different people but still a trouble. Let’s try not to get into one.


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