Tuesday, December 12

Signing Your Kids Up For Reading Club For Summer

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        I have signed both my kids up for Reading Club. You sign them up at the library and it’s free. Your kids will have a number of books to read. Go to the children’s section and ask the person working that area were the books are and tell her the grade they will be in next year. They will let you know what books to get the books from.

        My little girl is going into the first grade. She has to read ten books. They have kindergarten through third grade together. My mother-in-law helped her pick out her books and got her three of the wrong books. To avoid this, open the book to the front and look what grade it says.

         My son is going into the sixth grade. He has to read five books. He needs to read less books because they are chapter books. The books he had to look through are color coded to grade and regular or advance level. He had a great time picking out his books.

         This is the first year ether of my kids has signed up for Reading club. I am very proud that they wanted to. It was fast and very easy to do. Best of all it is free. Let them pick their own books. Help them get the right ones but let them pick. Kids don’t want to have to sit down to read all day.


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