Monday, December 18

Poetry: Mr. Sandman

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Mr. Sandman

Hey Mr. Sandman weave me whispered sweet dreams

Sprinkle golden stardust upon my eye lids as I sleep

For days of toil and worry slice swaths of darkness through bright beams

As my subconscious wrestles through the myriad of memories I should keep

And thus through restful hours my befuddled brain labours with the weight

Of unfulfilled duties and concerns that haunt the pragmatic mind

So prance upon my satin sheets and devise my great escape so late

Into the early hours, tossing, tormented from my daily grind

I may find safe haven from the torrid storm and lay upon the bough

In the weeping willows embrace and sway upon the tickling breeze

Free from the rat race or like an impish sprite lighting now

On water lilies floating on silent stream hop-scotching playing past singing trees

Let me join Columbus on his crew

Navigating by the luminous patchwork of midnight blue

Charting the heavens and mastering the seas

Discovering unseen lands and founding new cities

Or perhaps exchange exploration

For swash-buckling advantageous piratism

Spy from top the crow’s nest or gallop white stallions

Through frothy spumosa like soaring helicons

Worshipping the chariot of precious cargo of the beneficent sun god

Carving statues from swirling sands for the stale breath of an Egyptian tomb

Throwing orbs of lightning from Liberty’s crown and catching the thunderous rod

Which morphs into an escaliber sword shattered by Shakespeare’s plume

Let me lose my glass slipper after a dazzling dance with a duke

Swim in milkshake fountains and climb mountains in a shimmering cloud

Steal the lout from a sleeping leprechaun and herd unicorns with shepherd’s crook

Top the pops at Glastonbury and stage dive into the thronging crowd

May I weightless fly in angelic care to where live the beloved dead?

And in my sleep forgive as your footprints fade from soporific shore

Mr. Sandman skip with flighty feet and creep with moonshine to my bed

Awake in sleep, long slumbering hope and reopen my living dreams rusty door


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