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How To Create a Facebook Group

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Groups are one of the most popular features in facebook. Facebook groups allows users to create or join a mini-facebook community that shares the same interests. Example, a group of facebook users who likes poetry and literature or a facebook group about movie and tv addicts. Groups can be of anything and any facebook user can create them.

How To Create a Facebook Group

Step 1: Log in to your facebook account with your username and password.

Step 2: On your facebook dashboard or home tab, go to your Menu Panel. (located at the left Side of the page under your primary photo). Browse down the menu and select Groups. (If you can’t find it on the menu, click “More” )

Step 3: Then select CREATE A GROUP on the upper portion of the page. This will take you to the Group Fill-Up form.

Step 4: Fill-Up the necessary details and follow the steps there as indicated. Enter basic informations like your group name, description, group type, Email, website, etc. Then after doing so, click Create Group.

Step 5: Your facebook group is now created. All you have to do is update your group profile by putting a group profile photo, inviting facebook friends to join your group, and publishing content on your group’s wall, etc…

For a further reference, See Images Below:

Note that once created, you cannot delete your group unless you remove all its members. You can however delegate a new group admin if you choose to leave the facebook group.

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