Monday, December 18

Article Marketing Success

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The constant challenge for Internet marketers is how to generate high quality traffic to their sites and increase sales. There is one enduring way to attain this, and that is through the process of article marketing. Article marketing has been the source of success for many online entrepreneurs for several years now and it will remain a potent business model in years to come.

Article marketing involves time, effort, and creativity. It could be demanding at times. However, essentially the strategy follows a few simple steps that start with writing an article that the audience in a particular niche would find interesting. The article can take several forms or tones such as informative, instructional, persuasive, entertaining, or a combination of these. It also needs to be timely and relevant.

Additionally, the article should be free from grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. Marketers should ensure this, or if in doubt about their own writing skills, then hire a professional writer or editor to do the task for them. Numerous capable writers can be found and hired online.

After making sure that the article is fit for publication, the marketer then submits it to article directories for massive circulation. If the article draws a lot of readers, then there is a good chance of attracting new customers.

A key component in this process is the resource box. This is the space after the article where the marketer places his or her credentials and web address information. It establishes the writer/marketer as an expert in the niche and develops his or her reputation. The resource box contains a link back to the marketer’s website. The more widespread the article is published and read, the more visitors or potential buyers follow the link back to the marketer’s business site.

A significant aspect of the article publishing process is whether online marketers should write their own articles or hire other people to write for them.

The argument for writing own articles is that no professional writer, no matter how skilled or talented, can capture and express the marketer’s unique voice or personality. Fewer visitors may be persuaded to sign up as customers if they don’t get a “feel” for the website owner’s personality.

On the other hand, article marketing requires the continual creation and publication of numerous high quality articles to ensure the freshness of information in the site. This is crucial to the success of the business but attempting to fill all the writing demands might be counterproductive and impractical for a marketer especially as the business starts to expand.

After careful screening, marketers can usually find several writers who can craft out the kind of articles they need for the success of their websites. Sometimes the marketer’s unique personality may indeed not be fully represented in the articles, but it will be guaranteed that the website as a whole will benefit from the continuous infusion of fresh, high-quality content. After all, as is often said, content is king.


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