Friday, December 15

Why Women Should Wear Less Makeup

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Women wear makeup for many reasons, some to accentuate certain feature and downplay others, some to cover skin imperfections, others wear makeup for the way it makes them feel, and others for a variety of possible reasons. Makeup has become a standard in our society with most people wear at least some type of makeup when going out, however, one thing to keep in mind is that a little goes a long way. In an effort to cover skin imperfections or downplay certain features, some people end up wearing too much makeup, not realizing that wearing too much makeup will only draw more attention to the area and make people wonder what it is you’re trying to hide under the excessive makeup.

Although makeup makes people feel prettier and more confident with their looks, in reality makeup is not good for your skin. In order to keep skin acne-free and healthy looking, it is best to wear as little makeup as possible. Most people would be surprised how great they look without makeup or even with just a little bit of makeup. And less makeup isn’t only great for your skin, but it will save you time in the morning and save you money.

As well, most people apply their makeup under the artificial lighting in their homes, and often what might look like a little bit of makeup ends up looking like a lot more when you step outside in the natural outdoor light.

Also, many women wear makeup in order to look good for men, however, the irony is that most men prefer women who wear less makeup and go for a more natural look. Men like to know what they’re getting, rather than being surprised. When someone looks like a different person without makeup, then it is clear they are simply wearing too much makeup.

As well, when wearing makeup it’s best to focus on accentuating one particular feature over emphasizing all your features. If you are going to play up your eyes, then avoid applying dramatic makeup to other areas of your face like your lips, for example. If you accentuate too many features at one time, people won’t know where to focus and it will simply make you look like a doll, and not in a good way. Think of your face like an outfit. A great accent piece can make your outfit stand out, however, if you wear a bunch of accent pieces you will simply look overdone and draw attention for the wrong reason.

It’s important to remember that makeup isn’t a necessity, and no one should feel like it is.


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