Thursday, December 14

Successful Mailing List Promotions

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One of the most popular online marketing practices is creating and managing a mailing list of loyal subscribers who are readily inclined to buy products. Mailing lists are time-honored, reliable marketing tools. If you have created mailing lists before but have discontinued, or if you have just decided to create your list, now is a good time as any to move forward with this powerful addition to your marketing arsenal.

There are various ways to go about building a mailing list. The most basic is to have customers provide their names and email addresses which you will then manually enter into a database for use in promotion. This is a cumbersome process and can take valuable time away from your other productive ventures. However, many have already created lists containing thousands of customers’ contact information using this way, so if your heart is really set on it, then it could be done. Another, more popular, option is to use special software available for purchase online to quickly and effortlessly build your list and send your promotional literature to the persons on your list.

It is very important, as a marketer, to keep in mind that the law requires you to obtain permission from customers before you can send them promotional copy through email.

The creation of a mailing list is just half of the undertaking. After the list is built, you now have to focus on how to use it effectively for your promotional campaign.

Effectively managing your mailing list not only means being able to sign up subscribers but more importantly being able to keep them signed as satisfied customers. You can accomplish this goal by cultivating a real relationship with your customers that go beyond trying to sell them things through email. Get to know the people in your list. Aside from announcements about product updates, perhaps you can include some useful content relevant to your products such as advice, how-to articles, and the like. After all, if you are to provide a product you hope to be useful for them, you have to know their needs and buying preferences.

Similarly, you can use your mailing list as a vehicle to reward your loyal customers. Send them freebies through email. Let them be the first to know about upcoming product discounts. Use the list to keep track of customers eligible for special offers.

There are many ways you can get customers to sign up and stay on your mailing list. No matter what product you promote or what business you run, creating a mailing list of loyal customers will reward you greatly in the long term.


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