Monday, December 18

Your Money – Finance Column – Saving Money

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1. Set goals. Keep short and long term goals for savings.  Save regularly in a planned manner for, say, your retirement.  Easiest option is to save at least 10% of your salary immediately after receiving it.  Minimize debt or totally eliminate them as they drag down your finances and hence affect your savings.

2. Keep a timeframe.  Set a particular date to accomplish major tasks like buying house by a particular date or buying a car etc.  Save accordingly.

3. Record your expenses. Keeping record of expenses will allow you to know where to cut and save. Unnecessary expenditure can thus be curtailed if you have proper record of expenditure, even if it is minor one.

4. As far as possible, trim your expenditure. Try to consolidate your debt.  Keep a check on credit card usage and limit its use.  Try to arrange refinance for your mortgage at lower interest rate.

5.  Try to save on gas, electricity, water bill, telephone and mobile bill etc. by using them efficiently and cutting down wastage.  This will save a lot of money in the long run. Also, pay your bills in time so as to avoid paying penalty.

6. Know your taxes and various rebates on it.  Check whether there are special saving schemes that attract high interest rates.  Pay your taxes in advance and collect your refund, if any, in time. Use online payment method as this will save time and gas on travel.


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