Star Wars: Battlefront II Review

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Star Wars Battlefront II is an awesome Star Wars game, complete with great, nine out of ten graphics. You can play as any of the four sides of the Star Wars Universe, the Republic, the C.I.S., the Empire, or the Rebellion. You can play as a variety of troopers, from a standard foot soldier to a commando, a sharpshooter or a missile launcher to a pilot. You can pilot any vehicles from Land to Space, from a BARC speeder to a Hail-fire Droid, from a TIE fighter to an ARC-170 starship. For each trooper he has at least two weapons, a type of ranged gun to a hand-grenade/mini-missile-launcher. Each medium sized vehicle to a large sized vehicle has two or more positions to fire from. Finally, there are different types of troopers. Some you can start to play right away like a super battle droid, others, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, need a certain number amount of kills. There’s also a great variety of arenas, from Kashyyk to Geonosis, from Mygeeto to Coruscant, from Tatoonie to Bespin, from the Tantive IV to the Death Star, everywhere major in the Star Wars universe, it’s there. This is a must have. A definite must have.


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