Saturday, December 16

Career Advice – Getting A Raise – Avoid Common Mistakes

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There are few common mistakes that an employee needs to avoid in order to get raise in salary.

1. Do not pick the wrong time to seek raise in salary.  The correct time is when the boss has praised your work.  If you do not get such opportunity, then try to create one by requesting to talk in private with fewer interruptions.

2. Avoid talking in general and be specific about the amount of raise you seek.  Also, do not make it personal.  Instead of making boss feel guilty about not giving a raise, describe how you have been beneficial to the company.

3. Do not be unrealistic.  Never ask exorbitant raise which does not meet the company’s parameters.  

4. Do not focus on what you need.  Rather focus on what you deserve. For an employer, it does not matter whether you are tight on money due to some additional expenditure or you are facing some kind of financial problem.  Focus on how you can enhance employer’s business and he will listen as it is in his interest.

5. Do not show lack of commitment.  Show how you can take new assignments and other responsibilities in the future and the raise you are seeking will act as an encouragement for future projects and responsibilities. 

Suppose due to some reason you do not receive a raise in salary, start building your negotiating power for future raise and try to raise your profile in your respective department.  This will improve your bargaining power when you next meet for a raise.


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