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Career Headhunter – Get A Job By Targeted Job Search

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For getting a job, first you ought to decide the industry or field you want to get job in. Based on your qualification and area of expertise, you can define your career goal.  To get job, targeted job search is the best option. You can identify the target industry or organization, location, job specification etc. and based on these search for job.  Some ways to locate prospective targeted employers are as follows.

Search prospects in directories of industry associations.  Every association has corporate member’s profile and this can be searched on web too.  Trade publication is another way to search for targeted employers and these can be accessed online or at public libraries.  Going through them will reveal numerous employers in your field of expertise.

Subscribing to at least one business publication such as newspaper or business daily will go a long way in locating your targeted employer.  Chamber of commerce is another place where you can find your employer.  Job or career fairs are valuable source for job seekers, especially for college graduates and for those who are searching job for the first time.  Information about job fair can be had from your local newspaper. Also, check mailing list of various corporations which is indexed industry wise. 

Once you have a prospect list, start sending them your resume with covering letter. Some tips will come handy.

1. Use current contact name to address and if unsure, call and ask.

2. Name and contact name must be spelled correctly. Use accurate title of the contact.

3. Show that you are really interested in the job by referring to their ad in particular newspaper. Also, show interest in the work the company is performing and how your skill sets will enhance its profitability and visibility.

4. Keep email or covering letter short and crisp.  Also, read once you have written for any error or typo.

5. While using email, use proper email etiquette.


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