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Causes And Cures For Baldness And Hair Loss

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Millions of people across the world suffer from weak, dry and brittle hair that leads to hair loss.  It is difficult to pinpoint one reason for hair fall though there are many reasons. 

Causes of hair loss

Temporary hair loss is considered to be a result of illness along with some major surgery. It is attributed to stress that is caused by illness or due to tension that is experienced before and during surgery. 

Hereditary factors are also believed to be responsible for rapid hair loss especially in males.  Hormonal imbalances also lead to massive hair fall. If thyroid glands do not act in a normal manner, this could also lead to hair fall. This can occur in male and female and correcting this imbalance can stop hair loss.

Taking some medicines can also result in hair loss. Medicines that are had to cure gout, used for chemotherapy, vitamin A tablets, some birth control pills, blood thinners along with antidepressants are some of the medicines which aid in hair loss. Stopping use of these medicines can help. 

Other factors that contribute to hair loss are hormonal changes during and after pregnancies, infection of scalp, diseases like diabetes, tension, poor diet, over-exposure to sun, perming, bleaching of hair along with excess and long-term use of chemicals for treating hair.

Prevention of hair fall

1. Use herbal shampoo to clean hair at least twice a week.

2. Drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses of water.

3. Add plenty of protein to your diet in the form of milk, fruits, fish, green vegetables etc.

4. Improve iron content in the body by adding spinach to regular diet. Iron improves brittle and limp hair. Also, add lot of zinc in to your diet. Overweight people have zinc deficiency that leads to hair loss.

5. Consult dermatologist regarding hair loss and scalp problem.


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