Hope for a Spouse

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Tired of being alone, sleeping in a cold bed

Lots of room to roll, no one to touch, no warmth to feel

One or two eggs less, no one to talk with about the food

Too many lonely people, he wants the same thing you do

She is lonely and desires company, scared to communicate

She’s just like you, scared to communicate too

Ah, afraid to communicate, seems it’s a sore point

Never compliment the beautiful lady in line in front of you

What if she’s offended and gets upset with you.

You picked the wrong beautiful creature, look past the skin

Handsome man, you’re sure he’s delicious, still not a word said

No words do you utter, scared to talk to another, he might bite

But he won’t. So why not tell him how well his suit fits

How good the color of his shirt matches his eyes, don’t lie

Men and women dress to be admired, if not, don’t admire

They walk and talk to attract attention, they didn’t stay home alone

Speak up, make their day with a true kind word of praise.

Make your day, raising your own confidence and poise

Never fear to harm another, honest praise never hurts

Speak up, holding back, cutting your outflow, cuts your inflow

Pretty soon there’s no flow, you can stay home alone

But you don’t, so outflow, mention beauty when perceived

Don’t worry about how it will be received, speak up, outflow

Life is wonderful if you create it. Praise creates it well

You’re a beautiful being, mistakes, evil, so what, you shine

My car is beautiful, yet currently it’s covered with dirt and grime

But beneath the dirt, there’s an awesome finish that shines too

Don’t dwell on the dirt and grime, spend your time on the beauty

Find something about the other that’s great, speak about that

Communicate with them, talk and touch a lot and often

Soon, you won’t be alone, you’ll have a friend, perhaps more

I guarantee more if that’s what you desire. Just admire

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