Friday, December 15

How to Download And Burn Xbox 360 Games

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This is what you’ll need:

  • A flashed Xbox 360 console (article on flashing coming soon)

  • PC with internet connection and DVD+R Dual Layer Burner

  • DVD+R Dual Layer discs (Verbatim is recommended)

Step 1: The first thing that you’ll need to do is get the game that you want. You can download games from popular torrent sites such as Pirate Bay and btjunkie, but these can be risky for your pc (viruses and stuff). So I recommend You’ll need to sign up for an account on this site, its free so

Just go to the Downloads section of the site and look for whatever game you want. So let’s say you choose Halo 3; when you’re finished downloading you should have six or seven .rar or .zip files. These files hold the data needed to burn the game.

**IMPORTANT NOTE – be aware of the game region when choosing your games to download. Xbox 360 games come in three different regions: PAL (for European consoles), NTSC (for North American consoles) and finally Region Free, which, as the name suggests, can play on any console.**

Step 2: Go to the 1st rar file (in this case Halo 3part1.rar) and right click on it. Select “Extract here”. This will give you the two files: Halo.dvd and Halo.iso.

Step 3: Using your pc go to and download the latest version of the Imgburn program. Install and run it click ”Write image file to disc”, then click ‘tools/settings/write’ , then click on ‘user specified’, and insert this number >1913760<, now search for the source file (the game you want to burn) and click on the Halo 3.dvd file.

**IMPORTANT NOTE – make sure that you select the .dvd file and NOT the .iso file. Also, sometimes when extracting the .rar files you may not get the .iso file, but don’t worry. As long as the .dvd file is there.**

Step 4: You’re almost done!! Now all you have to do is place your DVD+R DL disc in your burner, set your write speed to 2x a very, safe speed (some burners can handle a speed of 2.4x without causing errors, but we’re playing it safe.) and click write.  The process takes about 2 hours to complete but it’s worth the wait because it’s FREE!!!

I hope this article has been helpful, please comment and give me feedback and look out for my future work. Happy gaming!!


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