How Cambro Products Can Increase Your Food Service Profits

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Some products that can increase your profits, and customer satisfaction are sometimes overlooked.  Cambro Manufacturer produces  a wide variety of products that can increase your bottom line.  Value Plus Paper is committed to providing these, and many other products to you at the best value in the industry.

Here are four products that will improve your restaurant or food service business.

Booster Seat for the Little Guests

Serving families is an important part of any restaurant’s business. When you have families, often one or two of them are too big for a high chair, but too short to sit comfortably at the level to eat, on a regular chair. A two sided booster seat is just the right thing for the toddler and preschool group. The side chosen is determined by how much boost is needed.
When you purchase a booster seat, you can choose from the type that has straps that attach to the chair, or the type with no straps. This may depend mostly on the type of chairs you use. Some chairs would tend to allow the booster to slip around, while others would make it seated securely.  
The durable, molded polyethylene will not dent or break. It is all one piece and gives a very easy surface to clean.
Browse through the booster seat section at Value Plus Paper to choose just the right type for your foodservice business. Be sure to have plenty of these on hand to be able to serve all your families with little ones.

Pedestal Punch Bowl

Cambro’s pebbled pedestal punch bowl is useful for much more than punch. It comes in the 11 quart, 20 quart, or 40 quart size. The uses include, but are not limited to: punch, filled with ice for keeping bottles cold, or for serving shrimp.
Any caterer, hotel staff, party or event planner will be able to find many uses for the attractive pedestal punch bowl. The outside of the punch bowl has a pebbled finish to keep the bowl scratch free.
Because Cambro uses virtually unbreakable polycarbonate in making their punch bowls, you can be assured of many, many years of service.
The Cambro Pedestal Punch Bowl can be purchased at Value Plus Paper where you get the best value for your dollar.

This Bud Vase if For You

Customer atmosphere, and satisfaction is a huge part of making more profit in your food service business.  Cambro manufacturers poly carbonate bud vases, which can be purchased from Value Plus Paper.  Delight your customers with the addition of a bud vase with a real, or silk flower at each table.

I would suggest fresh flowers, because it show you really do care about the extras that make a customer’s dining experience special.  The Cambro Polycarbonate Bud Vase is priced at 19.49 per case of 12 at Value Plus Paper.

The service life of these vases is very long.  Order a few cases from Value Plus Paper, today.

Swirl Serving Bowls

Cambro Polycarbonate Swirl Serving Bowls, are durable, and extremely attractive.  The Swirl Serving Bowls can serve both hot and cold foods.  The bowls are available in a variety of sizes for the needs of the foods you are serving.  Larger sizes are good for ice cream, fruit, cereal, salad, or soup.  The smaller sizes for condiments, sauces, or dips.  The smaller size swirl bowls fit easily beside other foods on the main serving plate.

The Polycarbonate Swirl Serving Bowls can be stacked on a buffet, or salad bar.  Their easy stackability provides storage in a minamal amount of space.

Also, the beauty of glass can be enjoyed, but because they are polycarbonate, the danger of glass does not exist.  Browse the pages at Value Plus Paper of different varieties of swirl bowls, and order everything that will suit your needs.

This is just a small portion of the products available to you from Cambro Manufacturing, and Value Plus Paper.  Browse the website of Value Plus Paper today, and see the Values available to you.


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