Monday, December 11

Why Did I Waste so Much Time?

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It’s been over a year now since I joined facebook.  At the time I had absolutely no idea you could make money online by posting, making friends and giving out referrals on different sites.

I spent so much time on facebook playing games and looking at others’ profiles.  I have now been a member of gather and other sites for about five months now and am definitely glad I did. 

There are still sites out there that I am just learning how to make the most cash on, but within the first month of really trying, I made thirty dollars in CVS gift cards, thirty dollars in Aussie haircare products, and a five dollar pay pal payment. 

I have also learned the longer you are a member on these sites and the more you participate in these sites, the more you will make.  I am currently a member of seven different sites.  Some I am making money on and some not so much. 

I genuinely like what I am doing and firmly believe within time I will make my goal of being able to pay our car insurance and take care of all of my family’s household and personal product needs.

The reason for this post is to let everyone know out there that it is totally possible to earn some small extras in the beginning and much more with time.


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