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Neurosis Treatment Through Dream Interpretation According to The Scientific Method

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Neurosis is a mental illness that characterizes the biggest part of our population. Neurotics are characterized by

1. Fear

2. Constant suspicion of the existence of a conspiracy against them

3. Lack of trust in their own judgment

4. Nervousness

5. Absurdity in their thoughts and behavior

6. Silent acceptance of their absurdity, while they hide it from the public. This means that they try to hide from their peers the fact that they accept doing absurd things. This is the beginning of graver mental illnesses.

What happens with the neurotic is that their human conscience stops working regularly, with the invasion of the content that belongs to the primitive and wild side of their brain, which is in fact a cruel animal that can think but has no human sensitivity.

Continuing the dangerous research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung through dream interpretation according to the scientific method I was able to clearly verify in practice the power of the cruel and wild side of the human conscience, which is responsible for the existence of all mental illnesses and works independently of the human side of our conscience.

Carl Jung mentions many times the term “craziness” in his book “The Psychological Types”, in the second volume, when he describes the various psychological types that characterize human behavior, revealing to the world that there is too much absurdity inside the human brain, which is inherited.

When we write down our dreams and we translate their meaning, we discover that we have a terrible enemy inside us: the anti-conscience, this independent part of our brain that we ignore, which has violent and immoral characteristics, since it was not tamed by the notion of morality, respect, forgiveness and goodness, like the human side of our conscience.

So, when someone starts showing absurd behavior, this means that this cruel, animal and absurd part of their brain has invaded their logical and sensitive human conscience, attacking it.

The absurdity of the anti-conscience is pure poison for the tiny part of our brain that has human characteristics.

It starts sending many absurd thoughts and strange sensations to the human conscience, and beating it completely. The tiny part of the human brain that is somehow developed and has human characteristics is too weak, compared to the powerful anti-conscience, which is a wild animal, because it is a natural killer that is not limited by any rules.

Our human conscience needs protection from the anti-conscience, and this is why the wise unconscious mind that is a superior brain, that doesn’t belong to us, sends us infinite messages in dreams. When we learn how to exactly translate them according to the scientific method discovered by Jung, we see that all dreams are very meaningful, because they give us information and guidance about what is happening inside us, and in the outside world.

All psychologists, psychiatrists and basically, all doctors, no matter what their specialty, will be relieved by the knowledge given to them through the translation of their patients’ dreams, and through the translation of their own dreams, because the unconscious mind is a doctor and teacher who is constantly helping the human being in many ways, and this is why a doctor has information about the disease of a patient, in his or her own dreams.

The miraculous scientific method of dream interpretation, besides revealing to the world that the meaning of dreams is very important and must be seriously studied by everyone, gives to the whole of humanity a way to enter into contact with the wisdom of the unconscious mind that can help everyone.

The unconscious mind has saintly characteristics, since wisdom and sanctity are synonyms, the same way that evilness and craziness are synonyms as well. Therefore, there is a religious aspect to human life, which must also be respected, the same way that the meaning of dreams must be respected and studied by everyone without delay, since now we know that they can save us from craziness and despair, helping us solve all our problems with wisdom.

However, wisdom means the acceptance of suffering, instead of revolt and revenge. This means that the human being has to learn how to be perfect in order to acquire mental health, because only if he would respect moral principles and learn how to forgive his enemies, he would be able to live peacefully and therefore, attain wisdom.

This necessity is opposite to all the animal tendencies imposed to the human side of our conscience by the terrible anti-conscience. This is why we believe that we don’t want to be limited and restricted by any laws or moral rules: we are basically dominated by the absurdity of the wild anti-conscience, which cannot understand the value of rules, respect, sacrifice and forgiveness. It is a wild animal.

So, when someone’s human conscience is invaded by the absurd content of the anti-conscience, they cannot control their behavior, and here is where the drama really begins, because their actions provoke much damage to their environment, and to their lives.

Fortunately, following the guidance of the unconscious mind in dreams everyone can be cured, even if they are already neurotic, because the unconscious mind shows everyone in their dreams all their mistakes, and the reasons for their suffering, showing them also how they can correct their mistakes, improve their personality, develop their intelligence and begin a new life, free from the absurdity of their wild side.


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