The Nutrition Generator – Weight Loss Tool

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The Nutrition Generator is a great Weight Loss Management Tool that will help you monitor what you eat, give you the calorie count and vitamin and nutrition content of your meals. What this allows you to do is to determine what vitamins, minerals and nutrients your meal is missing that day. It also suggests foods that you can add to your meals to get the vitamins you are missing.

The Nutrition Generator is not a diet. The Nutrition Generator is a tool you can use to manage your diet and control what you eat.  It is a weight loss tool. As a tool to mow the lawn or put a nail in the wall this tool is only good when you use it and when you use it properly.

There are other effective uses for this healthy diet and weight loss tool. It is also an online meal planner. With The Nutrition Generator Program you can plan your meals for days and weeks in advance. As you create a meal for a day you can save it with all of the caloric, vitamins, minerals and nutritional information intact. As you plan your meals you just pick meals you have already saved.  Other members of the program save their meals and you can just choose one of theirs in planning your day or week. By planning your meals in advance you can also save money by shopping for only what you need versus impulse shopping.

The Nutrition Generator saves what you ate each day as well. Therefore it is very useful as a personal weight loss journal. Not only will there be a history of your meals but also how much you weigh. So you set goals and record your weight at specific intervals. You know what you ate and your calorie count per meal and your targeted weight loss goal. Oh, did I forget to mention the program will suggest a daily range of calories you should eat to meet your weight loss goal.

The suggested daily calorie goal is an estimate based on your estimate of exercise activity. It is by no means exact but still very helpful. Try this tool for a month and see if it helps you manage your Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Lifestyle. Remember it is only a tool that is only useful if used properly.


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