Sunday, December 17

Is Readbud a Scam?

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Readbud may be a popular get paid to site by now, but there’s still a big question: does it really pay or do you waste your time reading and rating random articles? The fact that it’s very difficult to find Readbud payment proofs is not new. It’s not the only weird thing, though. Here is a list of Readbud’s suspicious things that may make you think before visiting the site again:

1. Only a few payment proofs. Readbud was created 8 February. Now, 4 months later we can find only three or five payment proofs. This is highly suspicious, because if Readbud was legit we would find proofs everywhere and many of them.

2. Less and less articles. The more you earn on Readbud, the less you get articles. At the beginning I used to earn $1 per day, now three months later (balance $40) I receive only 1-5 articles per day. The exactly same thing is happening with other Readbud users too. Is it a method to make people give up and not to pay anyone?

3. Negative user experiences. There are some bad experiences about Readbud. Some hard-working people have sent out a payment request but never received any money from the website. Someone even got their account banned after requesting money.

4. Advertisements. At first, Readbud used Google Adsense to make money from their traffic, but it’s not allowed to use Adsense on incentive sites, and that’s why it got blocked from Readbud. Why would a professional site make such a silly mistake, I’m really wondering about that.

These are the four reason why I think that Readbud could be a scam site. I’m afraid you have wasted you time reading and rating – but miracles aren’t impossible though. What do you think? Figure it out yourself.


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