Wednesday, December 13

Which is Better WordPress or Blogspot

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Which is Better WordPress or Blogspot aka Blogger

You might be wondering what to choose. WordPress or blogger? Well I can say the two has its own differences they their won advantages and disadvantages,

Lets start with advantages of Blogger.

Blogger known to be blogspot. In Blogger you can choose any template you like just like wordpress. Good thing is most of the blogspot template is free which totally available online. A variety of template to choose from. People engage in making money online use a template for adsense an adsense template is one of the most downloaded template in blogspot. Blogger adsense template you can easily place the adsense code in anywhere you desire.

Blogger is free. You can start you website hosted by blogger like for example. and also allows you put ads unlike wordpress you need to buy  domain name or .com in order for you to place ads. WordPress does not allow ads if your site still hosted by wordpress.

In Blogger you can easily set up your site in within minutes specially if you are familiar with blogspot.

Disadvantages of Blogger or Blogspot

Disadvantages of Blogspot is that the design of the template is not catchy than the wordpress. In wordpress you can choose great design and layout you like.

In my experience in terms of SEO benefits. Blogger are quite slow to indexed by google. And  also according to some webmaster that really knows seo , or they consider themselves SEO expert, blogger takes time to rank unless you have so many backlinks all over the internet.

Advantages of WordPress

In WordPress there is a lot of things you can do. Like choosing the right design you wish and also in wordpress it has its own analytics to determine and check the traffic of your website.

WordPress are also known to be number 1 free source to make a website.

WordPress has also Multi users features. Means that you can register on 1 account and can make couple of websites. Multi users is good for SEO because if you have a lot of sites online using wordpress MU it can link to each other so Google can easily indexed one site to the other. In wordpress you can easily buy your own domain names and its user friendly to choose. If your wordpress expert you can make a website within 10 minutes.

Disadvantages of WordPress

If you have site still hosted by wordpress like you cannot put ads like google adsense, adbrite, and other online ads. In order for you to put ads you need to have a domain name. you can purchase domain name easily but make sure the domain you purchase is good also choose the good hosting company to avoid technical issue in the future.

Some good wordpress template are not that free unlike blogspot. Most wordpress template requires you to buy it. And I consider a headache to change the template if you used code to choose for your desire template. But there is tutorials available online just be patient to learn and to try new things out.

There are many bloggers believe that wordpress is far more better than blogger. 


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