Monday, December 11

Tips For Your Computer’s Sake Part 1

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Tip 1

When you install the Operating System(OS) change the targeted path of you ‘my documents’ and relocate it to drive D or other drive except the drive where the OS installation files. By doing this you separated the files of your OS over your files, so just in case of reformatting you will not worry about your files and reformat only the drive where your OS files installed because often operating systems crash and will need to be reformatted and endangering your files if you are not able to backup your files.

Tip 2

You should regularly backup your system and files. And you can backup your files by using a CD or DVD. And the same way always check your “System Restore” feature if it made a restore point. Because we will never know when the accident will strike our computer like your hard drive will suddenly give up. By backing up your file you will save yourself from the hassle and time of creating the files again for hours.

Tip 3

When sending emails whether it will be personal or official then it is strongly advisable that you should copy it to your notepad or any before sending your email to the recipients. This would be a precaution for you just in case of failure of any form, so that in the near future if you want to resend that same message you will not need to type again but just copy it from your backup. And don’t just relay on the sent option of your email provider because sometimes we may not access our emails or we accidentally delete it from the sent area.

Tip 4

Check your Startup shell or feature from unwanted programs that will run when your Operating System loads. Those programs may slowdown your computer, so disable it or delete it from the Startup. You can access Startup by using the Run program then type MSCONFIG and a dialog box will appear where you can see and modify the Startup feature of your Operating System.

Tip 5

Regularly empty your Recycle Bin by right – clicking it and click Empty Recycle Bin in this way you can recover more space for the latter use. Or other people used to reduced the size of their Recycle Bin by going to its properties by right – clicking its icon again, then drag the slider to a lower rate. By default the Recycle Bin consumed up to 10% of your disk and you can lower it below 5%.


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