Tuesday, December 12

Snore Snore Cant Take Any More

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You love your partner very much you want to spend every night snuggled up to them so why that sudden urge to punch and smother them with a pillow. Is it the fact they like to snore. Snoring cant be stopped or cured but there are many remedies and stop snoring aids to help restore piece and harmony in your bed room after all your loved one is completely oblivious to his or hers nightly antics. They spend their time saying I cant help it or I don’t snore. Even though you have taken to wearing ear plugs and leaving the bedroom in the early hours of the morning. What can you do to help them and yourself.

Snoring is caused by air not moving smoothly through your air passages making the tissue in your nose mouth and throat to vibrate when you breath in and out other factors like being over weight your age and the amount of alcohol you drink or medicines you take. Sleeping on your back is a bad position for a snorer sleeping on their side would help . A herbal oil so that they can breath in at night might just do the trick by leaving the container next to their side of the bed it would open the airways and help them breath more easily.

Another is a mouthpiece with this it prevents the soft throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing the airways while they sleep by bringing your lower jaw slightly forward. The last one is the nasal strips self adhesive and fix on the outside of the nose to keep the nostrils open while they sleep. What ever you do I hope it works. Good night.


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