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Tips And Tricks For Internet Shortcut Key

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 There are times that as an internet surfer we open couple of pages. And to remember them we used to bookmark through our browser or through Yahoo Bookmarks. But there is more easier way to access your previous surfed sites that you want to revisit. This is through creating a desktop shortcut key to your favorite web page.

The following instructions are for you to follow to achieve this trick.

For the general browsers

Make it sure that your browser is minimized and you can easily access the desktop. Drag the favicon to the desktop or even to the windows explorer to create a shortcut to your favorite webpage, hence favicon is the icon located at the upper-left of the browser and next to the URL or the address of a website. Favicon is usually the logo of the company of that site or if the site is owned by an individual, the favicon is typically their face. Once done click and drag the icon next to the URL and drag it to your desktop or other location you wish to create the shortcut.

For IE users

On the other hand, the above steps can also be applied to Internet Explorer. But Internet Explorer has an another way to achieve it quickly by right – clicking on the non – clickable or highlighted part of the webpage, after right – clicking the page a pop-up menu will appear and then click the “Create Shortcut”. A prompt dialog box will confirm if you want to create a shortcut on your desktop.

After doing those processes you can locate the shortcut that you made and right-click it, and then click Properties. A dialog box will appear then locate the “Shortcut Key” then place the insertion point in the textfield then press any letter that you wish to be the shortcut and finally click OK. By pressing ctrl + alt + the letter you assigned and then your favorite webpage will automatically open then loads.


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