Monday, December 11

Crying is The Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Chris Brown Last Night at The Bet Awards

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Something special happened at the BET Awards last night.  Chris Brown was performing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and he broke down and cried.  I was on and off Twitter and had actually taken some clothes out of the dryer when I heard about it.  Those I was watching the event with were indifferent and felt that he was a punk and that it was a huge deal that he cried.  But I just figured that Chris Brown was an emotional kid that was going through some hard times in his life.  After all “Man in the Mirror” is a very emotional song.

We were both wrong, juding by the response that I saw on Twitter.  If you searched on Chris Brown, who was one of the top ten trends on the site (along with Chris Brown Crying) you saw a different picture.  Most of the top tweets on that trend suggested that Chris Brown was reflecting on his life and what has happened in his life since he beat Rihanna and was sentimental for that reason.  It makes a lot of sense, but to see the same sentiment retweeted by so many fans, to the extent that six or seven of the top tweets on that trend were essentially the same message spoke volumes to the way that his fans connected with him on an emotional level.

There were other events at the show; Patty Labelle stole the entire show from everyone else with her rendition of Chris’ songs.  Janelle Monae’s fans were defending her performance against the rest of us “haters” on Twitter.  Trey Songz brought it home with his own song whose chords seem to be modelled off of Purple Rain.  If you were on Twitter you saw that people still hate Alicia Keys for being a homewrecker.  The pressure to deliver a good show while being pregnant was was evident by her performances, the first of which left much desired but the second of which she brought home.  Queen Latifah hosted the show, but none of this compares to Chris Brown crying on stage.  I felt that if Chris Brown were to release another record in the next quarter, he would actually come close to breaking his own personal sales records.

You can’t buy the type of buzz that happens when you have such a geniune outpouring of emotion.  I wanted to title this article “Crying is the smartest thing to happen to Chris Brown”, but I dont’ think that does what happened justice.  It was nice to see DeBarge and the older artists come out and deliver that pure R & B that we haven’t heard in a while, but that isn’t a story; Chris Brown crying is.

The only thing about this is, Chris Brown’s fans have always defended his actions against Rihanna and said that they were going to stick by him.  Chris Brown simply has not released anything musically that is on par with what he done in the past.  The mixtapes were a good move in the right direction, but Chris Brown should strike while the iron is hot and put out that record that his fans have been asking for.  I do not doubt that he regrets what transpired between him and Rihanna, but it is time for us to see the Chris Brown that we all know and love …


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