Friday, December 15

How to Make at Least $10.00 by Reviewing Products

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Personally, I like to write articles a lot and I am making money using my articles and I hope to make a living online by writing. One of my favorite ways to make money online is to write reviews on products I am using and all the products in my home. It is not hard to write a simple review for the stuf we have at home and a believe it or not, simple review can help earn money online.   The site I am using to earn money from my reviews are called It is a simple and effective site to share the products we used and make extra income from our reviews.  I would like to say that it is quite easy to write reviews for products and publish it on We can write about anything we have in our home such as car, food, TV, toys, garden, books and so on and so forth. Normally, I will write about books and toys because I found that it is easier for me to write about both of these stuff. In, we earn money by getting pageviews and getting community votes for our reviews. So, it is important to add more friends in SharedReviews so that we can get more votes and help to votes for our friends too. In other words, the more pageviews and votes we get for our reviews, the more money we can earn from   In short, there are plenty of ways to make money by writing. So far, I have written 3 sites that we can make money by writing which are Triond, MyLot and SharedReviews. I will continue to share more articles about making money online, make money from home and make money by writing. I hope you will get more information about writign to make money and apply your writing skill to make money online.  

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