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The Role of Proper Nutrition

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The Role Of Proper Nutrition

In today’s life speed, complexities and demands, it is very important to having a healthy body. Getting the wrong kinds of food into the body may result to consequences that result to deficiencies that turn into conditions and ailments. The right nutrition is vital for the proper development and maintenance of this human body

The Food Pyramid

The appropriateness of the food to be taken can be organized with the help of the food pyramid. This is a chart which shows what kinds of foods should be consumed daily for the average person to achieve proper nutrition. The nutrition chart shows that the base foods are those that we need to consume bigger amounts of compared to the foods at the very top of the nutrition pyramid.  This chart shows that foods rich in  carbohydrates should be more in our diet. Fruits and vegetables come next in quantity, followed by the meats and those with oils and fats in the minimum quantity.

However, eating the right amount of food should also be coupled with other healthy living routines like exercising. Thus, if we consume too many foods that contain carbohydrates without exercising can result to higher weight gain. Proper nutrition and the right kind of exercise should come hand in hand.

A nutritional supplement is effective when taken with the right supervision and reason. Many people believe that these supplements can suffice in meeting the demands of the body and some do but blindly taking a nutritional supplement can be dangerous without the recommendation of a certified doctor. There are many nutritional supplements that can boost our energy and add to our recommended daily allowances of the vitamins and minerals we need for our nutrition. The problem is establishing the dosages and the needs of our body. Other factors that we need to know before taking any sort of supplement for nutrition are the effects of any combination of supplements. Some vitamins and minerals do not work well together and can be detrimental to our overall health.

There are those people who are required of a right kind of nutrition, thus, they should consult a nutritionist or a dietician who can be better able to diagnose and formulate the right kind of diet for you as a specific person with specific needs.  The proper growth and maintenance of the body and health is very much dependent on having the right kind of nutrition.


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