Monday, December 11

Can Triond Be The Number One Site?

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In the past two months that I have been associated with Triond I have felt that this site has the potential of becoming the number one site.

The catch is many good writers are fleeing away to other sites that are more organized. The credibility of a site is something that any writer looks forward. By now Triond would have realized at least writers like me write because it is our passion. It is definitely not the money that attracts us. If Triond does not publish the article that I feel is perfect in all aspects I get it published elsewhere. But it will get published instantaneously. There is no dearth to publishers online. It is just a matter of trust and credibility that the writer invests in a particular site. Hope Triond understands this simple truth and starts publishing my articles which it has been declining for reasons best known to the editorial team. As of yesterday nearly 10 of my articles have been declined with the same caption that comes along whenever an article gets declined. For your benefit I list it below;

We would like to publish your submitted content, but it contains too many readability errors. Although we declined this content, you are welcome to submit any new content to Triond, just make sure to double-check it for correct spelling, punctuation and/or grammar. 

I am not too sure anyone is reading my articles before publishing apart from the online editor. Even my mail to Triond has had little effect. I am sure this article of mine also will not be published with the same reasons for declining it. However, this article also will then be published on another site.


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