Tuesday, December 12

The Classical Scales: Free Video Guitar Lesson on The Classical Scales

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In this free video guitar lesson, I will teach you how to play the classical scales on the guitar. There are seven classical scales, each one based on the white keys of the piano, or all of the notes with no sharps and flats. There is the Ionian scale, or C major, The D Dorian scale, the E Phrygian, the F Lydian, the G Mixolydian, the A Aeolian, (or the A minor scale), and the B Locrian. All of these are classical scales that use only the white keys of the piano, or no sharps and flats. They simply go up one note at a time, from each of the different notes. The easy way to play these scales on the guitar is to learn the minor scale that is the right key above or below your root note, to make a particular classical scale. For example, A minor over E is the E Phrygian, but E minor over A is the A Dorian. The seven classical scales are good to know, and working out the individual shapes for each one is beneficial as well, but this should be an easy way to get started. Take a look at the video guitar lesson below, and for a complete list of my free video guitar lessons, see my facebook page: Guitar lessons online (or in Hobart, TAS).


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