Monday, December 18

Top 5 Things You Should Carry in Your Purse:

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I know that a cell phone, wallet, lip gloss, sunglasses and perfume are the basics on what to carry in your purse but do you know that there are also other things that you should keep in handy?

1. Pen – You can’t leave the house without a pen. Believe me; you will need one in almost every place you’ll go to.  

2.  Safety pin – Talking about wardrobe malfunction?!!  This doesn’t happen all the time but if it does, you’ll be thankful that you have a safety pin with you.

3. Wipes –From removing coffee spill on your shirt to cleaning a muddy shoe, wipes will be your next best friend!

4.  Gum/ cool mint – The reason is obvious! After a sumptuous meal at your favorite restaurant or fast food, you’ll definitely need a gum to freshen up your breath.

5. Contact Info. Book – Cell phone left at home or inside the car? Worst, your cell phone is stolen and you don’t have a wireless back-up. What makes it even harder is you can’t memorize a single phone number (even your own) . I bet this situation is familiar, right?  You need to have an address book (contact info book) to keep you going until you get hold of your cell phone ( or a new one).

So, go and start filling your purse with these time- tested essentials and you’ll find yourself in good spirits even if you’re having a bad day!!! Keep smiling everyone!


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