Tuesday, December 12

One Zero Eight

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A few years back when there is an accident on the road or rail we used to witness deaths.

Even those who have not died on the spot would not survive as there was immense time lost before being admitted in the nearest hospital. One of the private sector companies in Andhra Pradesh brought about a change in these untimely deaths. They introduced the ambulance services equipped with state of the art equipment and Para medical staff in co-ordination with the Government.

The birth of the 108 services came into existence. Well trained nurses who understand the value of human life have been pressed into action for the said purpose. The driver of the vehicle has been chosen from among the very best who is also trained in handling the patient unto the ambulance. The services are laudable and have been saving hundreds of lives.

These ambulances are positioned in different parts of the city and are equipped with a wireless. When anyone contacts 108 the call goes to a call center and the details are then flashed to all the ambulances. The one in the vicinity of the accident will take responsibility of admitting the patient in the nearest hospital on reconfirming with the number from which the call was originally received. Unfortunately this has lost its original charm and people have started misuse of the services too.

Thanks to the private sector company in Andhra Pradesh that thought it pertinent to initiate the project which is now exclusively handled by the Government of Andhra Pradesh?


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