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Tips to Get The Right Information at Google

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Ask Google, remarks like that are often posed to them among internet users who want to hunt for information. Even google, may be a “stop” first for some Internet users when performing a search. Appear simple with the logo colors, in a short time the giant search engines is capable of serving hundreds of millions of searches a day. Simply type in keywords to search information, Google will be presenting information related to the searches in a short time. Here’s some information about what you can do with a Google search, along with some tips that can be applied when performing a search.

Here are tips to use Google to get the correct information:

1. Use quotes (“….”), If you want to search for information on target. Quotes will generate web pages that better targeted and closely related to the information you seek. With put quotation marks at the beginning and end of a collection of words, Google will present the exact same search results with what you type. 2. Use the sign “~” to find a synonym Try to observe the top left corner of you keyboard. There you’ll find the sign “~”, is not it? Maybe some of you there who do not know the function of this character. Sign proved to be extremely useful in performing a search on Google. Try typing this character in front of a word (no spaces). That way, Google will find pages containing the word in question had or synonyms. 3. Click the “Images” if you want to search for images Want to find photos artist idol? Just click on the “images” located above the search box, then type the name of the artist or character you want. Google will find photographs or drawings of his didatabase complete with a link page where the image appears. 4. There are a lot of information available from actual books in the world Like a shelf containing books. Google also has a “shelf” of books online. Try www.books address, where you can see or read the various texts of actual books worldwide. Only, you can open or read is that his work was not protected by copyright. 5. What does the “I’m Feeling Lucky?” I’m Feeling Lucky button on Google’s home page that there may be very useful for you who do not want to waste my time reading Google’s search results are released one by one. Enter the word you are looking for, Google will cut the long list of search results that last. You will be delivered directly to the most appropriate web pages. For example, Indonesia University, click the I’m Feeling Lucky button and you will be delivered directly into the UI site. Actually, there’s more tips to get exact information on Google. There are many more that you can browse through the Google search engine. For instance, information on the latest news via the link “News”, a video, map services, weather, stock prices, and so forth.


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