Monday, December 11

How to Spy on Your Man For Cheating

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Women love these little tips on how to check up on their men. Men cheat and you shouldn’t have to live with it. There are ways to find out if he’s single or not. It’s unfortunate but some men just love to play the field at our own cost. You don’t want to be a victim. You rather be alone at home with a bowl of ice cream then be dating someone who’s also sharing germs with someone else. These are some tips to help you check up on him.

Follow him home one day

You can follow him one day to see where he lives if he doesn’t bring you home. There is a reason why men don’t bring you home and that’s because they have someone else already. If they don’t have a lot to hide, they would be bringing you home. Once you know where he lives, you can check up on him when he ignores your phone calls for days. You will be seeing what he does at home. This is what detectives do so don’t let him caught you stalking him. Make sure you park about ten houses down and use a telescope or something like that. If you need to confront him, you can even bring a camera along to take photos or record him.

Call his house

You can call his house when he’s at work to see who picks up the phone. If he’s married, have children; have a girlfriend living with him, she will most likely pick it up. You can trick your way into finding out that lives there and what their relationship is to him. You can pretend that you’re the local cable company or the phone company and ask for his girlfriend or wife. If they’re his girlfriend or wife, they will say that they’re speaking and if not they will say that he’s not married.

Follow him after work

Men often meet up with his girlfriend or wife for dinner right after work. You should follow him and don’t let him sees you. Make sure you disguise yourself with a pair of glasses, a hat and a wig and dress funny too. You will see where he goes and the destination can really surprise you sometimes too.

Have a friend follow him

If he knows your car or suspicious of you following him, you can always ask a friend to follow him. You should ask them to follow him and make records or take photos if they found out that he’s meeting up with other women. Your friends can follow him anywhere since he might not know them.

Check his phones

When you’re with him, you should look at his past calls and receiving records while he’s in the bathroom or busy. Write the numbers down that you see daily or often and then call them and find out who they are. You will be surprise once you find out.


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