Tuesday, December 12

6 Jobs Interviews And no Jobs in Vegas

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Las Vegas is a terrible place to find work. After all it’s the 2nd state in the entire US to have the highest unemployment rate. It has gotten better as of June 2010, much better than 2009. People are getting more work but casinos employments process is still too much of a hassle. I heard one girl who went to 6 interviews, that’s about a month or two of waiting, a lot of trips and preparation and no job in the end. How would you drag someone to 6 job interviews and then kick them out with nothing and tell them not to ever apply to your casino again for another 6 months.

 This was Hurrahs entertainment. I’m sure it’s very similar with MGM or Sands Venetians. I’ve seen worst at the Sands. I was there at their expo and I wasn’t impressing with some department at all. I think that they hired a lot of managers with very little formal education and this is why there are so many problems. Some managers here only have experiences but the majority of them only have an AA. The top one has a BS and that’s the highest that they might have. You see PHD all over CA. no wonder why I’ve never complaint about jobs in CA. I went in for an interview in CA, and walk out with a job. I love this about CA. people there love to give you a chance. Isn’t that great? Chances for those who need to earn some experiences and wages to raise their family. What people in Vegas are saying is that employers here are only thinking about themselves? So why are we giving them our dollars.

 We should not play in their casinos. We should take our money and travel to another state and take vacations. They don’t deserve our money. If you’re here, remember how bad they treat the locals here. They rather fly someone in from another state to give them jobs, with little casino experiences, but they won’t give the locals a chance. What are the problems with this picture? We’re the ones sitting at home unemployed. They’re the ones with the jobs but yet, they won’t think about people and helping out the locals Nevadans at all. It’s just plain common sense to give jobs to those who qualified with as little effort and cost as you can on both sides. They must have cost themselves thousands of dollars to have a panel of 20 employees interviewing hundreds of people and letting them go for one or two open positions. It’s embarrassing. It’s costly and a waste of time for everyone involved.

I guess this is how management at these casinos were taught in business college or perhaps they never went to business college at all since most of them here only have an AA degree. No wonder why Hurrahs and MGM and Stations all went bankrupt and Harrah and Stations were both sold to other groups. It’s time to use more common sense casinos managers. It’s time to reduce cost, build in a strong ethics to make the locals have more passion towards you, so they will give you their hard earn dollars and it’s time to give people a chance. The government would be glad to see unemployment rate drop. I’m sure you need to hire the best and I would agree but how much does it take for someone to walk around and deliver drinks to your guests? It’s just plain unethical to work women here like they’re money. Even monkey didn’t have to be a model, serve drinks, dance, clean, and date their boss at the same time.


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