Monday, December 18

Why People Should Get More Politically Involved

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I think that more people should be more politically involved. I’m heavily involved with protesting and writings to congressman. You should always write to your congressman, your president, your local governor and get things to change if you don’t like the way that it’s going. After all they’re in office for the people, so the people should let them know what’s going on. I saw that people aren’t very much into politics. They should be because it will benefit everyone else too who are in the same situations that you’re in. the more you get involved, the better results they will see. You elect those people to be in the office to help out the state and not to enjoy their big office near the beach or the big paycheck. They should work for you. If they’re not, make sure you don’t put them in office again.

The number one problem right now is unemployment in every state and especially in Nevada, the 2nd in the US. Casinos have jobs but they will take anywhere up to 6 months to give someone a job. They will make you wait around. They will fly someone from another state in to give them jobs but they won’t give it to people around here. They make you go on job interviews for 6 times and then tell you not to reapply for another six months. They reject you after 6 interviews. Who need to go through that much scrutiny for a waitress jobs. It takes 200 managers to decide on a waitress. I see how decisive and empowering mangers and casinos are in Las Vegas. You must be Einstein in order to get hire into the casino to wait drinks.

 This is embarrassing for Las Vegas. If you’re impressing with Vegas, you have to know what goes on behind the scenes. They are brutal towards jobs applicants and employees. They will need to think more for people, and don’t just look at us like we’re a number. We are people with bills to pay, children to feed, dreams to fulfill. We’re not just job applicants for you to enjoy your scrutiny and put on your ego shows. Management here in Vegas is nothing but ego shows. We need people that are integrities enough to know a good employee from a bad one.

Overall, more Nevadans need to write to their governors. We need to get things moving and we need to fight for our rights. If you don’t get you want, I urge you not to support the casinos. Every time you spend your money there, you’re supporting those who reject you. I rather take my money and spend it on locals business since they’re more willing to hire people without scrutinizing them. I hope that people will vote more, protest more and write more to their congressman. It’s the only way to get them to listen to us and to make changes.


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