Monday, December 18

Getting Your Sims Into College And More

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How to get your sims to college

First you need to have sims 2 university installed, next work on your teen’s skills this step is optional but if you want your teen to have some money so they don’t have to live in the dorm this helps a lot. Here are the scholarships your sims can get

Hogan award for athletics: 8 or higher body skill, 750 awarded

Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship: 8 or higher charisma skil, 750 awarded

Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics: 8 or higher cleaning skill, 750 awarded

London Culinary Arts Scholarship: 8 or higher cooking skill, 750 awarded

Will Wright Genius Grant: 8 or higher logic skill, 750 awarded

Bui Engineering Award: 8 or higher mechanical skill, 750 awarded

Quigley Visual Arts Grant: 8 or higher creative skill, 750 awarded

SimCity Scholar’s Grant: A- or better in high school, 1,000 awarded

Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant: Abducted by aliens, 1,500 awarded

Young Entrepreneurs Award: Level 3 in Teen career, 750 awarded

Undead Educational Scholarship: Teen Zombie, 1,500 awarded

Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize: 8 Pool skill, 1,000 awarded

Tsang Footwork Award: 8 Dancing skill, 1,000 awarded

Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund: Sim has no living parents, 1,500 awarded

So there are a lot to choose from once you have the requirments for the scholarships you want have your teen sim use the phone choose college apply for scholarships it will tell you which ones you have accepted.

Now you are ready to send your teen to college, just use the phone to call college and go to college. It’s as simple as that.

How to choose your sim’s major

Once your sim is in college find the computer and hit college, registar, and select major. I am not going to list them because there’s a lot. To choose the major you want look at the jobs that they are best for and go from there.

How to get on the Dean’s list every semester

1. After you have selected your sim’s major it will tell you which skills you need to work up, make sure you get all of the complete

2. Make sure your sim goes to class every day, they leave on their own if they aren’t busy and in a good mood

3. Make sure their term paper gets done, select the computer and hit college, and write term paper, that makes their GPA shoot up

4. Do at least one assignment per semester

5. Make sure they don’t miss their final test

This is really easy to do if you don’t care if your sim has no social life in college.


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