Monday, December 18

The Sims 2 Ghost Colors Part Two

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When your sim gets crushed by a satellite, to have this happen just have your sim watch the clouds long enough and there is a chance that a satellite will fall


The ghost will be purple when they die by flies, when their house is really, really messy there is a chance that flies will swarm up and eat your sim


It’ll be pink when they are scared to death, when three needs drop to -90 because of being scared they’ll die


When your sim dies of a fatal disease the ghost will be green, to get this one when they get a fatal disease don’t have it treated for 10 days

Light green

When your sim gets eaten by a cowplant, get a cow plant and have it eat your sim


in part one I missed two the it would be transparent for, burning as a vampire, and dieing when an elevator breaks down

White with a megaphone

When you use the rallyforth social action with low motives, I’m not sure how to do the rallyforth social interaction

Dark Pink

When at least 4 needs drop below 50% while standing in hailstorm

I hope this has helped you


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