Thursday, December 14

Rid Your Home of Fleas With a Homemade Flea Trap

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I recently moved in with my boyfriend who has a cat. The fleas are so bad in the area that the cat is now indoor only, but somehow still has fleas, due to people tracking them in. We bathed and treated the cat, as well as bombing the house but still saw no results until I did a little research and found the optimal way to make a flea trap, and hopefully kill all fleas in the house.

1. In a shallow bowl add on teaspoon of dish soap (pretty much anything works) in order to reduce surface tension and stop fleas from jumping out.

2. Add 1/2 to a cup of white vinegar. Mix well.

3.Place in a spot on the carpet that gets a lot of traffic overnight. Place these traps all over your house.

4. The next morning you will be surprised to see just how many fleas reside in your home. Repeat this until you see no more fleas in the bowl.

This traps works by attracting the fleas with the vinegar, and ultimately drowning them. Make sure to add soap, because without it they can swim to edges and jump out. The soap also works to kill them sooner. Vinegar alone will just attract and drown them, but it will take a long time. Good luck!


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