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How to Beat Chuck in Pokemon Heartgold And Soulsilver

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How to beat Chuck in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Primeape | lv 29 | Fighting
Poliwrath | lv 31 | Water/Fighting

In this Fighting based Gym, Gym Leader Chuck uses Fighting Pokémon. Fighting Pokémon are weak against Flying and Psychic. Fighting is also resisted by Poison and Bug, and Ghost is immune for Fighting Attacks. Plenty of choice right here, but Fighting Pokémon have some strong points too. They are the only type to hit Normalfor Super Effective damage. It also hits Rock, Steel, Dark and Ice for super effective damage. Be sure you don’t use these types.

Both Pokémon have the same strategy, trying to hit you with Focus Punch, a ridiculously strong Fighting-type move. There is a downside of it, at the beginning of the turn, it ‘focuses’ itself. If it gets hit by an attacking move, the move will fail. If it doesn’t, it will attack later that turn. Primeape tries to accomplish that by using Double Team. This can be easily tackled with 100% accuracy move like Shock Wave and Aerial Ace. (Aerial Ace preferred, as Fighting Pokémon are weak against it.) If you don’t have such a move, using strong moves will do the trick too. You can also use a Pokémon resistant to Fighting attacks, but watch out if you use Flying Pokémon, it has Rock Slide what can bring down your bird.

Poliwrath tries to use Hypnosis to sleep you, and then hits his Focus Punch to unleash hell on you. Poliwrath has many weaknesses, like Grass, Electric and Flying. Poliwrath is easy to bring down, and should not give you much trouble. Against both Pokémon, a Psychich work wonders, it’s even better if it is a quick Psychic Pokémon like Kadabra or Alakazam. Hypnosis has a low accuracy and should not hit you that often. If it does, use Awakenings or other items to heal it.

Good luck!


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