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Earn Money to Write Articles Sites

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As the world of internet growing more and more, various ways and cause of using internet are also coming in the light. Before some years when the concept of internet first launched, then its only goal was to communicate through a network. But today its not just only a medium of communication. Today it also open a bright way to earn money from it, a source of income. One can earn considerable money from it. I would also like to add its not easy to earn for your living through internet but its not impossible. And a good amount is very much possible. There are various way to earn through internet. One of those ways is pay to write program. That is if you write for some web sites they will pay you for your contribution. The payment scheme varies from websites to websites. Some pays for each article you write, some pays for every viewers of your article. The websites are.-

BUKISA–  Bukisa is a good site to share your knowledge. They will pay you for every time a unique viewer view your article. A unique viewer means a unique ip address. Generally they pays $2 to $ 4 for every 1000 unique viewers. The payment will be issued when you reach $10. Its free to join. You can submit content from other sites if those contents are yours.

BODDUNAN –  This website pay to only Indian. Its also a good website where they pays for every article that you submit, But the submitted content must not be copied from some where or they will reject your article. Besides of only submitting articles they also pays for weblinks, for referring others, etc. They send a cheque when you earn Rs.1500. You can request a payment for Rs. 750 if you are a active user and if you post 500 posts in forum. Which is  a very good point for this site.

TRIOND – You can submit any original content created by you. That can be Picture, that can be article, that can be videos or audios or any other thing. Then this site will post those articles to other relevant sites on the base of your topic. And you will earn revenue from this site. When some one click ads of your content triond will pay you 50% share of those ads revenue.  Your payment will be issued on 15th of ebery month by paypal, cheque, or by western union money transfer.

HUBPAGES –  HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, with hundreds of other authors and viewers. Its free completely to read and write. And you can also earn money from it. You can use your adsense, ebay, amazon, kontera etc ads account to earn money from it.

Few things to remember while you are writing.-

  1. Collect some data from inernet, news etc. But don’t copy those.

  2. You can use quotes where its relevant.

  3. Add relevant links to your article.

  4. Add relevant images, videos etc.

  5. Never try to copy.

  6. Write on those topic which you know well and more. Good Luck.

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