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How to Know Things That Nobody Knows And Become More Intelligent

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You only need to study the dream language for a while with my dynamic method of dream translation in order to start having a communication with the wisest existent mind in the universe. The superiority, the wisdom and the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams will impress you.

The unconscious sanctity is your guarantee that you will never be betrayed and you can absolutely trust the information you receive in all dream messages.

You will pass through a process of psychotherapy, eliminating the negative influence of the wild side of your conscience which is present in your behavior. This means that you will control your behavior and never make mistakes. You’ll have mental health and balance for your entire life.

You will also learn how to increase your intelligence. The unconscious mind will open your mind.

You’ll learn to pay attention to all the details of the reality around you. When you’ll notice somewhere that there is a detail that doesn’t fit with the scenario in place, like a very expensive object in an ugly and modest house, you will immediately conclude that there is something wrong there. You won’t let the detail pass without capturing your attention.

You are going to look for the possible reasons why it could be out of place, and make your conclusions.

You will then relate the strange detail to the strange behavior that you will notice in someone you may observe.

You will learn how to scientifically observe everyone’s behavior and remember all their words. The unconscious mind will teach you in your own dreams how to judge other people based on various revealing characteristics of their behavior.

You are going to have the best information and guidance from a real genius, the unconscious mind. You won’t have to go anywhere or pay anyone to answer your questions; you have everything you need for a healthy balanced life by heeding the free messages of the wise unconscious mind.

You will discover:

– The real meaning of life,

– The meaning of death,

– How to prevent your premature death,

– How to prevent the premature death of your children,

– How to prevent accidents,

– How to avoid diseases,

– How to cure physical diseases and mental illnesses,

– How to be protected from hidden enemies,

– How to predict the future based on the symbolism of your daily reality even without dreaming,

– How to find your perfect match and have a perfect relationship,

– How to achieve all your goals,

– How to be happy forever,

– How to discover any mystery.

The real meaning of dreams was discovered by Carl Jung, who compared many dreams of many patients who suffered from various mental illnesses. His arduous research involved looking for the meaning of the symbolism contained in the dream images.

Jung managed to prove to the world that he discovered the hidden meaning of dreams thanks to the communication that the dreamers have with the unconscious mind that produces our dreams when they follow his method of dream interpretation. However, this method is complex and time consuming.

I continued Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psyche, discovering a lot more, and further simplifying his complicated techniques. I transformed his obscure method of dream interpretation into a simple and clear method of instant dream translation from images into words.

This means that now you can be immediately in contact with the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams and immediately learn everything that you want to know.


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