Tuesday, December 12

Walking Makes Healthy

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              Walking can help you lose weight. Fast walking is good for the heart. It lowers the blood pressure. Is raises the amount of good cholesterol in the blood. Researcher says walking can sharply reduce the risk of suffering heart attack.Studies had also shown that walking for 30 minutes a day can delay can possibly prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. People who are overweight have an especially high risk to develop this disease. Walking strengthen the muscle and build up the bones that they are attached to. Studies show that woman who walk and took calcium decrease their risk of developing osteoporosis or thinning of the bones. Walking can also help the ease of arthritis areas where bones are join. This is because walking strengthens the muscle around the bones.

              Walking several times a week, is a good way to control weight and lose extra body fat. Study show it can also help ease the sad feeling of depression. Experts say walk is the one of the safest ways to exercise. There is a low risk of injuries. So, it is good for people who are starting exercise program for the first time and for older people.

              A walking program is easy to start. You should wear loose clothes and good shoes. There are shoes specially design for a lots of walking. Stretching is an important part for any exercise program. It helps prevent injuries and muscle pain. You should stretch the muscle in your legs, arms, and back before and after you walk.

              How fast should you walk? For the best effect, doctor says you should walk fast enough to cause you to breathe hard. Yet, you should be able to talk. Let your arm move freely while you walk. There are no rules to starting a walking program. You might walk short distances or you might walk up hill to strengthen your leg muscle. Health expert say, you can gain the most from a walking program if you walk, at about 5 km an hour for 30 minutes a day. You should do this about 5 times a week.


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