Monday, December 18

Earn Money With Cash Crate

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There is a thing called online surveys, where you sign up for free and take surveys for cash. An example will be Cash Crate. You will make real money, paid through a PayPal account. You won’t make a lot of money though; it would just be some extra cash in your pocket, unless you are very dedicated to this “job”. You have to at least be thirteen to make an account so if you’re a teenager, lucky you! They have a list of “jobs” you can do with the amount of money you can earn. Not only can you take surveys but you can do free trials of services. The higher paying “free trials” require you to use your credit card, but they can pay to as much as 40 dollars. The regular online surveys pay from about 30 cents to 3 dollars. You have to enter your personal information for most surveys, and they will continue to email their ads to your email address. I suggest you make a new email account for this because you don’t want your personal inbox full of junk email. I recently made an account, but I only used Cash Crate for a few hours and quit, because:

1) The surveys are too long

2) I began receiving junk email

3) Its really hard to make money

4) I have to enter some information that is better kept private.

5) It is extremely boring

I think using this website is a waste of time but it is good if you want free money. This is just my opinion, if you have nothing better to do or if you’re a teenager with no job, I recommend using Cash


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