Monday, December 11

What is Food to One Man is Bitter Poison to Others*

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*Lucretius (94? BC – 55? BC)   The taste of tuyo and sinangag for breakfasts is always heavenly to me, coupled with white vinegar (with minced garlic and a little salt). I could also put some vinegar on the fried egg cooked sunny side up. Weird? Nah. As I have mentioned, it is heavenly. It is the opposite of hubby’s and kid’s taste for food during breakfasts. They like sauteed corned beef and fried egg more. There were times separate viands were prepared on breakfasts just to give in to each other whims.

While some deprived families dream of having this bounty for breakfast, I (or we) sometimes dream of a hotel’s luxurious service. At this point, it is me (us) who dream. How lucky some people are, we would think aloud. And who knows if those people at times get tired of the lavishness, and the taste of cured ham is bitter (not better) than fried tuyo?

You see we always compare. We either think we are superior to the others, or inferior at times. We think we are prettier, or more handsome, or more intelligent, or more talented, or richer, etc, etc. When we tend to be negative, we think we are uglier, or more stupid, or with only a few talents, or poorer, etc, etc. Both ways does not help.
Clinging to this bad habit of never-ending comparison of one’s self to others creates a monster in us. We end up in envy or jealousy. We end up hating others. We do unreasonable or inhumane things that hurt or harm. Or we end up believing we are the best, that nobody can beat us. We end up lonely and not satisfied.

I know some people who have this demanding attitude because of feeling that others are always on the lead or that they are better or at a higher level in life. With this, they demand, directly or indirectly, that they have to be given an extra ALWAYS because others are receiving more. They have to be understood though they are unbelievably detestable. They have to be special always because they are lacking in life. Funny? They exist, believe me.

Comparison is not bad if intended for a worthy cause. If it is for self-assessment to better one’s self, compare. If it is for progress or improvement, compare. “We should never compare ourselves to others. We may end up believing that we are better or lesser than the others. In either case, we are wrong,” goes one text message.


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