Thursday, December 14

Correct Ways to Profit From Google Adsense

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Correct ways to profit from Google Adsense

Do not know the English language well I’ll try

 Many of us have hit many in the site I flixya for these items are not calculated in the report of Google Adsense For several reasons, including: Because some hit 4 hit on the same declaration after which it works to filter Google page This is by invalid clicks And one person wants to Erbg without this person did not know that the cause of the loss you How? Because when it comes for example, a user of a certain hit 4 hit or 3 hit on the same advertising and another user comes from the same country and the same telecommunication company and is also hitting the Google considers this one person and strikes all suspicious and seek information When you like the announcement I wanted to beat them up and win the other person and strike hit 1 or 2 hit me 2 different announcement is not the same ad only to Atkther beaten So that is not working for the loss of all strikes The other from other users 🙂
I hope for all profit

Correct ways to profit from Google Adsense using and

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