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10 Tips to Beat Boredom on The Job

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         Boredom is a debilitating state of being. You could be the most powerful human being in the planet but if you don’t have the slight power over it, you’re nothing but a beggar on the street or a mentally deranged person needing psychiatric help. Consider the big people in history from world leaders, celebrities, to billionaires and it is conclusive that power, fame and fortune can’t do anything to keep one’s sanity within limits if he has no willpower to control it. Being on the job make us a part of the mentally sane who passed basic company hiring policies to be accepted as an employee  who have lots of potential to give out in the betterment of the company, not lots of problems to solve owing to the salary that the company will be paying at the end of the month. The position we hold is rewarding so long as the company doesn’t see problems which tends to affect productivity but every now and then doing the same thing all over again make us loosen a bit and dwell at the monotony. If you think you can’t hold on any longer, this may help a bit.

     1.    Start up the day fresh and clean.

Take a bath and brush your teeth and make sure you wear your uniform comfortably. Most part of the world tends to be a bit hot at this time of the year and if you came to work without a bath, you will find the working atmosphere irritating.  Clogged pores caused by dried sweat on your skin will raise your body temperature much higher and if you haven’t brush your teeth I can’t imagine how you will keep micro-organisms on your mouth at peace without the stench. When you hear your colleagues complaining about your smell, I doubt if you could just ignore it.

      2.   Sleep early the night before or have the minimum sleep.

They say the amount of sleep tends to decrease with age where while a teenager you may require 8 hours sleep and will be content with 6 hours as you grow old. Try your best to sleep not shorter than this 6 hours or you will have to wake up with poor sense of focus. Ignore this and sleep deprivation will lead you in an unimagined disaster at work. If you have watched the movie “The Machinist” you will know what I mean.

      3.   Go to work on time.

Sometimes we couldn’t avoid being late in coming to work but if we could, we are fortunate to start a near perfect day on the job. Being late tends to make us rush at things to catch up and doing this inside the workplace tends to affect the quality of what we are doing. Doing things at the proper pacing knowing we need not catch up is the first step at enjoying what you are doing hence keeping the boredom away.

     4.   Mindset, attitude, whatever you call it, it is all in the mind.

Mind setting is another way of beating boredom on the job. Don’t start your day at work with the notion that this is just another ordinary boring day like the day before. If you are on a sardines factory no doubt you will be smelling sardines the rest of the day, if you are in a brewery no doubt you will be smelling beer till the end of the day. Don’t be irritated with your work environment, you could have the frame of thinking that outside, you only see sardines in tin cans while in there, there’s a lot of it. About the beer, outside you only see it bottled but in there, there’s a sea of beer at your heart’s content. If you happen to be taking charge of cadavers on the morgue, try your best not to think of those zombie movies, it will help.

    5.  Think about your first day on the job.

As a former aircraft mechanic, I will tell you how I told myself once that I could grow old tinkering airplanes and will not complain about the salary so long as I get to see airplanes and work on it  every day. But even such an exciting field as aviation is no exception to bore anyone if he isn’t aware. What I did to make me shy away from getting bored at what I’m doing is to remember my first day on the job. Most of us I supposed couldn’t recall the feeling when they started out on their first day at work which could be tragic.  Relax your mind and try your best to recall it, remember about what you planned to buy with your first salary and all that. If you’re successful to remember it, you can do it all over again if you get bored.

     6.  Everyday is the first day of the rest of your life.

Our life’s clock is uncertain therefore the above state of thinking is beneficial to allow us to appreciate every day that we have on the job. We may be beaming with good health and energy but we will never know what awaits us after we leave the door of our workplace. With this state of mind we will be prone to cherish what we are doing and expel negative thoughts about our work allowing us to leave a beautiful impression to the workplace if indeed something unlikely happens to us afterwards.

    7.  There are a lot worse jobs than what you are doing.

This frame of thinking doesn’t aim to scorn other occupations but only to make you value your work apart from anything else. Sometimes, especially at the moment that the entire planet’s economy is in turmoil we just don’t have the freedom of choice to get hired at a working position we love doing most. You could be a plumber, a janitor or a warehouse cleaner but there are a lot of worse jobs out there. You need not dig a grave at cemeteries to earn a living or spend each day exhuming the remains of a murdered victim as part of your duties if you are a CSI operative.

    8. You’re on the best job opportunity that fate has afforded you to be.

Think about your job as a stepping stone. Everyone must do it from the lowest position unless you are the child of the company owner yourself. Avoid thinking that you will be stucked on that job position forever but take it as if you are there and just waiting a sign where you could  move forward in a higher position or find somebody inside the workplace to recommend you to a better job opportunity outside of the workplace. In the workplace you will certainly meet new colleagues who may have connections like a relative working in a company which is in line with your field of interest.

    9. It’s not about the position but how you perform the assignment given to you.

Just think about this, everyone in the company has been given tasks to do and that is how the company manages to survive each day to keep everyone paid. There could be a manager, a supervisor and a plain office cleaner but everyone contributes their role to accomplish the company’s goals. The manager carries out orders and the supervisor carries out those orders to be followed and while they have the higher positions, the office will be a mess if the cleaner will not do his share to collect the garbage and clean the office. Within each level of position, boredom sets in and nobody is spared from that. If the manager suddenly gets bored and will not do his job, everyone is misdirected. So everyone else is there because each has a way of getting their boredom well managed. So unless you have assured options for another promising job, don’t get bored and fed up with your work.

      10. Try to learn how to blog.

I suppose this is the best outlet one could afford to shift away from being bored. When you are learning to write, your perspective broadens as well as your patience which is helpful in developing your good attitude. A manager may have a high paying position but he may be helpless about his own responsibility. Presiding conferences, deciding budget cuts and sacking employees is not a very enjoying job to do. However so if you get home and still have some time to come up with an article about the experience it is a big relief that enables one to indirectly release the pressure at work and return to it  the next day with a fresh outlook. As a blogger, I wasn’t fortunate to get employed in line with my field of interest but when I got home I always have a way of writing interesting subjects which I have no direct access at the moment. I don’t preside over meetings and conferences at work but in blogging, I decide the agenda of my article. Isn’t it more fascinating hosting my own writing forum? Well of course in blogging, you are your own boss.


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